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Hot Toys Chewbacca Debuted

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Sept. 25th 2014

Chewbacca is one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars universe, but it's often hard to get him right when translated to plastic. He always just looks a little off because it's so hard to get plastic hair to look perfect, and Chewbacca is all hair. But Hot Toys is about to change our Chewbacca expectations forever with the most beautiful rendition of the character ever. 

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Hot Toys Reveals Star Wars Han Solo

Sept. 23rd 2014

Star Wars is the most popular and most important license in the action figure industry. Kenner and Hasbro have handled the license wonderfully throughout the years, but now Hot Toys has gotten their hands on it and are producing some of the coolest figures ever made. Here's a closer look at one such newly-revealed figure: Han Solo. 

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