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Welcome to the All New DASH

Jan. 11th 2016

DASH has transformed and rolled out. We stepped into a phone booth, and this brand new site flew out in a blur of red and blue. You might say we just went Super Saiyan. One thing's for sure, by the power of months of hard work, we have the power!

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New TMNT Figures from ThreeZero and Kevin Eastman

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Jan. 10th 2016

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are getting a lot of love in the 1:6 scale these days. Between Mondo and ThreeZero, anyone looking for a set of really big turtles is going to have some nice options. The latest take on the heroes in the halfshell comes from ThreeZero, and features brand new designs created in collaboration with original Turtles' creator Kevin Eastman.

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Daisy Ridley Reviews Rey Figures

Jan. 9th 2016

There's little doubt that Daisy Ridley is the new face of Star Wars. She was downright enchanting and enthralling from her first frame to the very last in The Force Awakens, and subsequently Rey figures are already coming a hot commodity in the hobby.

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New Mattel Ghostbusters Figures Revealed

Jan. 7th 2016

Mattel's history with the Ghostbusters franchise is a troubled one at best, but that hasn't stopped them from moving forward with the license to the upcoming movie. At least director Paul Feig seems reasonably excited about the impending figures, taking to Twitter to tease a first look at the movie's four main characters in plastic form.

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