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The DASH Marketplace Has Transformed

Dec. 12th 2016

We're definitely not robots in disguise, but we did just transform and roll out major improvements to the DASH Marketplace.

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The Power Rangers Movie Has Ruined Alpha 5

Dec. 8th 2016

The original Power Rangers were my first love. I couldn't get enough of the figures as a kid, and watched every episode with reckless abandon. I never really cared quite as much once they stopped being the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and became 47 different versions that have aired since, but I always looked on the latest renditions with appreciation and respect. That is until now. As far as I'm concerned, the new Power Rangers movie has tarnished the beloved brand of my youth.

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Super7 Nailed the New Masters of the Universe Ultimates Packaging

Dec. 6th 2016

The fine folks from Super7 just shared the final packaging shots for the Masters of the Universe Ultimate figures, and it's everything you could ever hope for in a retro tribute to a classic toyline. You know that the license is finally in the right hands when this much love and attention to detail goes to the packaging.

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The Hot Toys Rogue One Figures Are Amazing

Dec. 4th 2016

The unbelievable streak of stunning Hot Toys reveals doesn't appear to be ending anytime soon. Their latest and greatest figures to see the light of day are a set of new Rogue One beauties that debuted at a Star Wars-themed pop-up store in Hong Kong at the MOKO Mall, and they're making the already-unbearable wait for Rogue One even worse. 

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