Super7 Nailed the New Masters of the Universe Ultimates Packaging

Dec. 6th 2016

The fine folks from Super7 just shared the final packaging shots for the Masters of the Universe Ultimate figures, and it's everything you could ever hope for in a retro tribute to a classic toyline. You know that the license is finally in the right hands when this much love and attention to detail goes to the packaging.

As you can see in the image above, the new set includes He-Man, Skeletor, Ram Man, Teela, and Faker, all of which will be in blister packs that are an obvious homage to the original line's background explosions and '80s-infused logo. Of course they're also set to include all the accessories you'd expect (and more), and a backing card styled like the old mini-comics which features a bio on one side and fresh artwork on the other. The best part of all? The packaging is also resealable!

Super7 clearly knows what fans want to see, and brought new life into some of the most iconic and beloved packaging in the history of the hobby. As a reminder, here's what we got with Mattel at the reigns. 

There's nothing inherently awful about the old Masters of the Universe Classics packaging, but in hindsight, it clearly lacks the nostalgia and care that Super7 has provided. Be honest with yourself, how much better do Super7's packages look? That's right, a million times better. 

There's never been a better time to reignite your love for He-Man and his pals! 

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