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Ask Matty - June 3rd

June 3rd 2013

If you're looking for a firm answer on the status of Yvonne Craig's likeness rights, details on future mystery sales, or any other definitive answer from the world of Mattel, this might be the post for you!

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Ask Matty - May 15th

May 15th 2013

For those wondering about SDCC sale plans, the missing Granita, or even the latest episode of Toy Hunter, it's time for another round of questions and answers with the fine folks at Mattel!

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Ask Matty - May 1st

May 1st 2013

Fans of Mattel often have lots of questions regarding the lines and figures they love. We want you to have as much access as possible, so we've joined the Ask Matty brigade with a few questions of our own. 

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