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Amazing Heroes & Captain Action Retro Figures Revealed

April 17th 2014

I love the recent rash of retro-style figures based on classic properties. Fresh Monkey Fiction has another surprise new retro line on the way, featuring Captain Action and a few other really classic superheroes. 

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Captain Action and Tonner Reveal Lady Action

Nov. 6th 2013

Captain Action might not be a brand that's at the forefront of collector consciousness, but it's quietly taking over toy aisles with an impressive assortment of comics-themed costumes and reliably-awesome figures. Now their plans for world domination are getting even bigger, as Tonner joins the fray with a Lady Action figure of their own. 

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Captain Action Launches Photo Contest

Jan. 7th 2013

The return of Captain Action left a huge mark on the action figure industry in 2012, and the Captain Action team isn't letting up for 2013, thanks to a brand new contest aimed at spotlighting their great figures. 

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