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Age of Extinction Optimus Prime Revealed [NYCC 2013]

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Oct. 13th 2013

The Transformers films are returning with the promise of revised bots and all new human characters, which should give the series a much needed refresh. And Hasbro kicked off the new look this weekend with the first official reveal of a Transformers: Age of Extinction figure. 

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New York Comic Con Reveals From DC Collectibles [NYCC 2013]

Oct. 12th 2013

Mattel's collector-based DC Comics lines are losing steam, but DC Collectibles is stepping up to produce loads of new figures based on DC's latest properties. The New York Comic Con reveals from this weekend are a great start to make up for Mattel's missing figures in 2014. 

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Mattel's New York Comic Con 2013 Reveals [NYCC2013]

Oct. 11th 2013

Mattel usually puts on a good show when heading to New York City, and this weekend they've managed to bring a few exciting reveals to New York Comic Con once again. 

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New Star Wars Black Series Reveals from NYCC [NYCC 2013]

Oct. 10th 2013

New York Comic Con has barely started, and Hasbro has already revealed press images of never-before-seen Black Series figures in both the 6-inch and 3 3/4-inch lines to really heat things up. 

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