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S.H. Figuarts at Toy Fair [NYTF 2014]

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Feb. 15th 2014

The S.H. Figuarts line has taken over lots of collections in the last few years. Its diversity of brands and characters combined with high quality and super-articulation has made it one of the most popular lines in a very long time, and this year's Toy Fair reveals have introduced even more exciting figures.

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NECA Releases Visual Guide to Predator Line

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Dec. 21st 2013

NECA's Predator line has been one of the most consistently amazing and abundant lines in the entire action figure world over the past few years. If you're anything like me, you've even had a difficult time keeping track of all the amazing figures. But if the DASH Catalog wasn't enough, then NECA has released a handy new visual guide to help out. 

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New Hot Toys Celtic Predator Revealed

Oct. 18th 2013

I'm always amazed at the persistent presence of Predator in the toy aisles and on collector shelves. The brand is barely supported with modern media, but the action figures just keep coming. 

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Final Preview Images of Series 10 Predators

Sept. 29th 2013

With every new wave of Predator figures these days, it seems like NECA is getting better and better at producing creative and high quality toys. Series 10 is no different and will be hitting store shelves any day, and we've got one last great preview of the figures. 

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New Images of Predator Series 11 With Thermal Vision Dutch

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Aug. 14th 2013

I'm always amazed by the continued success of Predator in the toy aisles. NECA has managed to create and maintain a powerhouse brand by producing some of the best figures on the market, and this latest series ups the ante even higher. 

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NECA's Movie Figures at Toy Fair 2013 [NYTF 2013]

Feb. 15th 2013

NECA has truly become the master of perfectly recreating perfect movie characters of the 6-inch variety. But at Toy Fair 2013, they showed off their ability to do spectacular movie-based figures in a variety of scales.

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