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Q&A With the Community Manager #3

May 26th 2013

Being DASH's Community Manager is a lot of fun and a great honor because I get to interact with our community every day. That honor bears some responsibility too, as there are always questions hitting my inbox.

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Q&A With the Community Manager #2

May 4th 2013

You'd be amazed how many emails, messages, phone calls, and tweets I get every day as the Community Manager for Collector-ActionFigures. I'm talking to DASH users every day in a dozen different places, and there are always a few interesting questions that pop up.

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Q&A With the Community Manager #1

April 18th 2013

As the Collector-ActionFigures Community Manager, I talk to dozens of DASH users every single day. And nearly every one of them has a question of some sort to ask me, whether it be about collecting or the site. So I've decided to collect some of the more entertaining and enlightening questions to share with the community at large. 

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