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NECA Reveals Retro Video Game Robocop

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Oct. 24th 2013

NECA made waves earlier this year when it introduced its classic video game-styled Jason figure. He was followed by a retro gaming Freddy, and now NECA has introduced Robocop to the classic video game lineup. 

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NECA Provides Details on RoboCop ED-209

June 2nd 2013

RoboCop will be taking over action figure collections this year, and NECA is contributing to the renewed RoboCop love thanks to its upcoming ED-209 figure. The details on the big bad robot have finally been revealed. 

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Huge Hot Toys RoboCop Reveal

May 30th 2013

RoboCop is a license that received little more than a flirting glance from Hot Toys in the past. But after this week's enormous announcement from the manufacturer, it's clear that their relationship with RoboCop is more than just a fling. It's love.  

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