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Mattel Shares San Diego Comic Con 2013 Details

April 29th 2013

Convention season is really heating up, and about now is the time manufacturers start to reveal details on their San Diego Comic Con exclusives. Mattel is kicking things off with a breakdown of their plans for the show.

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Mattel's DC Comics Figures at Toy Fair 2013 [NYTF 2013]

Feb. 20th 2013

I'm still making my way through the thousands of Toy Fair photos from last week, and now it's time to take a closer look at one of my all-time favorite action figure properties. How did Mattel's DC Comics lines fare at Toy Fair?

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New Sales and Official Updates From Mattel [NYTF 2013]

Feb. 11th 2013

I've already filled you in on most of the important news from Mattel's collector event, but earlier today they released an official update with details on every single collector line and posted a pair of new sales on MattyCollector.com. 

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Sneak Peek Photos of Mattel's Toy Fair Reveals

Feb. 7th 2013

With a little bit of luck on MattyCollector.com, we've been able to track down some of Mattel's upcoming reveals, including sneak peaks of Castle Grayskull, Mantenna, the Comedian, and more!

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January Updates From Matty

Jan. 10th 2013

It's hard to keep up with all the changes to the lines on MattyCollector.com if you're anything less than a diehard fan. So thankfully Mattel has shared an incredibly thorough update on the latest happenings with their collector lines. 

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Mattel Reveals Watchmen Packaging

Jan. 9th 2013

As one of the most critically acclaimed books of all time, let alone comics, action figures have been notoriously absent from the life of Watchmen. Mattel's upcoming line has changed that, and they just provided a peek at the new packaging (along with some Masters of the Universe Classics updates). 

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