The 10 Scariest Figures of All Time

Oct. 21st 2015

Halloween is here, and I can't imagine a better holiday in the action figure world. Thousands of horror figures have been produced throughout the years, and there's nothing quite like an ultra-detailed, masterfully-painted, and gruesomely-designed scary figure. That's why I've assembled the following list of the 10 scariest action figures of all time.

I'd like you to take caution before you continue. You will not be the same after reading this list. Figures might start to move on your shelf when you aren't looking, you'll hear a figure mysteriously fall, and you'll wonder how Jason got that machete accessory back that you lost so long ago. You've been warned...

10. NECA - Carrie - Bloody Carrie

Both the figure and the movie might be brand new, but there's something disturbing about a teenage girl drenched in blood, carrying herself in such an eerie pose. There's subtlety in this horror (compared to upcoming figures, at least), and that makes Carrie all the more terrifying.  

9. Sideshow Collectibles - The Dead - Subject 1206 Mall Santa

Some people find Santas in the mall terrifying enough on their own, but when they hunger for flesh instead of milk and cookies, the horror is amplified. This zombie Santa may not feature the level of gore that many figures do, but it's scary enough to make the naughty list precisely because it seems almost real and totally creepy.  

8. McFarlane Toys - McFarlane's Monsters Series 4: Twister Fairy Tales - Humpty Dumpty

As if this figure's gruesome, bloated, rotting facade wasn't enough, it bastardizes a beloved children's fairy tale. Despite the maggots, sagging skin, open sores, and dystopian wall behind him, the most unsettling element of this entire figure is the hat he's wearing. It's where innocent childhood stories meet the monstrous mind of McFarlane, and that's the place of nightmares. 

7. McFarlane Toys - McFarlane's Twisted Christmas - Snowman

McFarlane is awfully good at subjugating childhood icons. He took the beloved snowman and turned him into this unbearable monstrosity. If that wasn't enough, he hid this horror inside the cutest packaging known to man. It reminds one of the old song, "In the meadow we can build a snowman, and pretend that he's a circus clown." Please, don't. Please

6. McFarlane Toys - Clive Barker's Tortured Souls - Mongroid

Practically any Tortured Souls figure could make this list, but this one is almost unmatched in its depravity. Mongroid is visually shocking, and even more disturbing when you begin to ponder the philosophical implications of his design. This is certainly a character you'd hate to stumble upon in the dark, and yet it'd be even worse to become him. 

5. NECA - Resident Evil 5 - Executioner Majini

He was an unbeatable behemoth in Resident Evil 5, and still stands out as the most frightening Resident Evil figure ever. From the mind-cleaving enormity of his axe to the spikes piercing his leathery skin, everything about this figure leavs you cowering in fear. The blood stains might make you curious, but the mystery underneath his executioner's hood will leave you downright uneasy. 

4. McFarlane Toys - The Walking Dead Comic Series - Penny Blake

I loathe the very thought of a cute little girl turned into a brain-eating terror, and The Walking Dead brought my greatest fears to life on paper. Then McFarlane Toys had to turn Penny into a three-dimensional reality that haunts action figure aisles across the country. If a decaying child wasn't scary enough, she also includes an array of grotesque accessories including decapitated heads, entrails, severed limbs, and a bucket full of blood. Penny for your nightmares?   

3. McFarlane Toys - Spawn Series 13: Curse of the Spawn - Hatchet 

There are plenty of scary Spawn figures, but none shake you to the core quite like like Hatchet. His undead visage is enough to make the list on its own, but when you add his gravedigging shovel, bone armor, and disemboweled accessories, he takes things to another level. And the most upsetting element of all are the sagging flaps of skins on his hips which were once faces

2. McFarlane Toys - Sin City - Death Row Marv 

This figure doesn't make the list because of a particularly horrifying appearance or greusome design. He is here because of his nightmare-inducing action feature which you can see in the video above. Just flip the switch and witness a live execution! His body shakes, his eyes glow with lethal voltage, and he utters a harrowing line of dialogue. This figure is horror brought to life, and captures a side of reality we often try to ignore. Death Row Marv is actually scary, and that's terrifying.     

1. McFarlane Toys - Clive Barker's Tortured Souls - Talisac

No top 10 list of scary toys would make sense without a Tortured Souls figure in its top spot. And there's little debate about the scariest Tortured Souls figure out there: Talisac takes the prize. This emaciated figure hangs precipitously from a torture device, chained and tubed, skin peeling away, with a soul-crushing look in its eye. If you haven't been convined by the sheer terror of this scenario, take a closer look at the figure's genatalia. You'll notice a pus-filled sac hosting an unwelcome terror. What's in his pregnant pouch, you ask? Read the character's backstory and you'll find out that our very own list's #6 entry, Mongroid, is waiting to pop out of his swollen crotch and devour him whole. So he's definitely the scariest figure ever. 

That's it for our haunting, horrifying, and harrowing list of the of most gruesome, gory, and ghastly figures that have ever been produced. We'd love to know the figures that leave you cowering in corners in cowardice, so leave a comment with your own list of scary figures. And above all else, say a silent prayer that Toy Story isn't real. We certainly don't want these figures coming to life while we sleep.  

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