The 25 Worst Star Wars Bootleg Figures

Dec. 12th 2015

Star Wars action figures have been a part of toy aisles for decades, and they've been a target for bootleggers to knock off for just as long. With Episode VII's arrival, you're probably dusting off your collection and looking for new figures to add to it. Why not go for some bantha fodder with a bootleg? Bad Star Wars bootlegs are an integral part of the world's action figure industry, and here are the worst 25 ever made. 

You won't believe the scum and villainy present in the bootlegs below. I can't force you to turn away, but if you enjoy your sanity and ease of mind, now might be a good time to leave. These are not the toys you're looking for...  

I warned you. For those of you who managed to make it through all 25 photos without lead poisoning or a forced choke, then I'd like to congratulate you. And if you think you can find a figure worse than these, then I find your lack of faith disturbing. May the force be with you.  

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