Top Tips for Storing Your Figures

Jan. 29th 2017

If you're having trouble finding room to hold your figures, you might need some tips on storing them safely and efficiently. You're in luck, because here's a collection of some of my best advice when it comes to finding and maintaining storage for your collection. 

The Space Issue

Typically action figure collectors start their collection long before they've acquired a spouse or start working on a family.

So the space they'd previously allotted to figures in their home suddenly gets crowded and they're forced to part with their toys once their family gets larger and space turns into a valuable luxury. Numerous collectors end up selling their favorite figures because of this exact situation. Proactively finding a solution to the limitations of your space can prevent you from making emotional decisions or selling figures you really want to keep.

On Storage Units

One of the best ways to set aside dedicated storage is to get a storage unit for your collection. Action figures are a total nightmare to organize without a system to track them and some actual real estate to store them. Storage units can help you do both of those things without losing a room (or more) in your home. You can select a unit that meets your exact needs, instead of trying to squeeze everything into a house that wasn't designed to hold things in bulk. It's easy to get a bigger storage unit, but it's a lot harder to tear out a wall or build on to your house!

For the unit itself, it doesn't take much for it to be good at storing figures. The primary concerns are that it prevents sunlight from reaching your figures, is located in a non-moist climate, and temperatures remain stable and moderate.

Maintaining the Space

Once you have a storage unit to store your figures, there are some things that need to be kept in mind in regards to maintenance. Figures don't always necessitate climate control, but it might be important if your unit is located in an area prone to extreme weather or temperatures.

When the thermometer reaches 90 degrees or more,  can be harmful to the structural integrity of many kinds of figures and their packaging. Freezing weather can also cause moisture problems are endanger the plastic bubbles of toys in the packaging. 

For collections that are worth a lot, it might be worth adding some security measures to your storage unit. There are lots of collections worth $100,000 or more, and any losses would be irreparable to the collector.

Loose figures should be thoroughly dusted and cleaned before ever being placed in a storage unit. Keeping the dust and other debris off the figures prevents it from causing damage to the paint or plastic while in its long nap. It can also help to place figures into individual plastic bags so that they aren't causing problems to one another from direct contact. Whether boxed or loose, figures should all be put into sealed containers before making the trip to the storage unit.

If you follow these tips, your collection will feel a lot more organized, be much safer, and not cause any problems at home! 

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