Welcome to the All New DASH

Jan. 11th 2016

DASH has transformed and rolled out. We stepped into a phone booth, and this brand new site flew out in a blur of red and blue. You might say we just went Super Saiyan. One thing's for sure, by the power of months of hard work, we have the power!

Now that all the cheap geek references are out of the way, you've probably noticed DASH looks a lot different. We've been working overtime for a very long time, and this is the result. We think you'll find the site more attractive, more functional, and more fun.

As you can see, it took a lot of work (from a number of different heroes and sidekicks), but Skeletor and Orko didn't help at all. There are loads of new features to discover, including upgraded Showcases, more social interaction, and mobile responsiveness (i.e., it'll work great on your phone!).

As with any new construction, you're sure to find a thermal exhaust port that blows up the entire Death Sta... err, I mean website. If you encounter any bugs or want to offer your feedback, please let us know via support@collector-actionfigures.com.

Stay tuned for more news, a special contest or two, and additional site enhancements that are all on the way soon!

Welcome to the new era of DASH!

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