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I started collecting back in college.  The Star Wars Power of the Force figures were just coming out (mid-90's) and it brought back all those fond childhood memories.....So I went t...

I started collecting back in college.  The Star Wars Power of the Force figures were just coming out (mid-90's) and it brought back all those fond childhood memories.....So I went to my parents who had saved my G.I.Joes (but not my Transformers, HeMan, Star Wars, etc....why, i'll never know), and started displaying them at my college apt.  It was surprising how many people would come over to hang out and they'd start playing with my Star Wars and G.I.Joes, and we'd get to swapping stories about favorite toys and adventures with them from our childhoods. There was one incident in which a fight broke out in that apartment and my newly acquired He-man collection (five figures without accessories I found at a garage sale) was used as weapons and utterly destroyed.Then Ebay happened and I started re-buying my childhood.  For a few years I streamlined the collection, I sold everything but the G.I.Joes and only collected them.  Then after about two years, I realized I was missing out on too many cool lines, so I began expanding.  Fast forward 18 years, and now I collect a whole lot evidenced by my showcase here.  I hit my local Toys R Us 2 or 3 times a week, and I can't go to Target or Walmart for anything without a swing down the toy aisle....even if i was there yesterday. And you know why: Cuz you never know what could have been stocked the night before!When I first met my wife 8 years ago, we went with some friends to see "40 Year Old Virgin". One of her friends leaned over and I heard her say "Is this what his apartment looks like?"  I was so proud when my wife said, "Yeah, it looks cool too."Over the years she has bought me some truly great pieces for my collection, like a Death Star, and she went so far as to buy repro foam for the Dagobah she bought me one Christmas!My love of collecting toys permeates my life. Our son Jonah was not named "Jonah" by mistake, Jonah Hex is one of my
favorite DC characters/comics so when it came time to name our third
child, it was my turn and i did indeed take advantage. (check out the video for the Jonah Hex display)My love of toys extends to my work as well. I am an elementary school art teacher, and I have a shelving system that I use to display a new set of figures each month.  Nothing gets some of my students talking more than what new display I have in my room.  And it fits in with my curriculum, cuz action figures are 3D sculpture! Excellent!!!!This past year I've really been into NECA's lines of Movie Based
figures, I'm a late comer to the Predator stuff, but I'm doing what I
can.  Which is why my wish list is chock full of them ;)I have a room and hallway in the basement of our house, that is my Sanctum Sanctorum and as you can see by the pics and videos, the space is well and truly packed.  On a monthly basis, i rotate the displays on the shelves and tables with what I have stored in the closets and under the tables.Upstairs in the house itself, I'm allowed the top two shelves of the entertainment center, where I display new aquirements before they are taken to the Toy room for rotation/storage.I hope you enjoy. P.S. My videos were shot on an Ipod, and look much better in the small frame format....if you blow them up to full frame it's gonna be grainy. Sorry bout that.

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