Naming Guidelines

Collector-ActionFigures is a great resource for action figure collectors largely because its community-maintained Catalog is accurate, consistent and well-structured. There ARE errors and omissions for sure, but every day the Catalog gets better and better.

An interesting challenge for collectors is actually figuring out the name of action figures! During our research, we found many different ways of naming items. There is no industry standard, so we have defined the following guidelines to help you maintain the consistency of the Catalog. These guidelines are intended to help collectors correctly identify figures, as well as find figures most intelligently using a search.

It is very important for you to try to follow these guidelines when you are adding or editing the Catalog!

Note: We promise you will see numerous errors and inconsistencies in the figure naming when compared to these naming guidelines. With more than 40,000 figures to maintain, we can simply say we are doing our best. If you see errors or inconsistencies, please correct them.

The Core Name

The first part of an item name in DASH is the item's name as it is printed on the package. Exactly as printed. (Well, maybe not EXACTLY! Please DO NOT USE ALL UPPERCASE even if that's how it is printed on the packaging. Just makes us think everyone's yelling!)

For example:

  • “Highwire Zip-Line Batman” and NOT “Batman (Highwire Zip-Line)”
  • Include descriptors (if any) as printed on the package after a dash after the figure name. This helps distinguish one figure from another. Whatever you put after the dash should be only what is printed on the package. There are other ways to add other commentary as defined, but the text following the dash in the name means that text is printed on the package. In the following example, the first item is named "Annihilus - Anti-Matter Wing Thrust" and the second figure is named "Annihilus - Cosmic Control Rod Transforming Mutant!"
  • An exception we've made to this core rule is to optionally add the main character's name in parentheses when it is omitted from the printed name. This is intended to help with searching to find figures for that character. An example of this is the name of the following item: "Anti-Symbiote Spidey (Spider-Man) - Sonic Containment Unit"
  • In the case of a spelling error, please stick to what is printed on the package when naming the figure. Put (sic) in parentheses. Explain the error in another set of parentheses. Here is an example of an item called "Deadshot - Big Barda - Martian Manuhuter (sic) (package should read "Manhunter")


Variants are defined as a figure that does not match the photo used by the manufacturer on the packaging, product catalog, or promotional literature. In this case, please append the physical attribute that makes this figure a variant in parentheses. Also, please append the word "Variant" in parentheses. For example, there were two Sasquatch figures in the Marvel Legends Apocalypse series. The first is simply called "Sasquatch" and the second is called "Sasquatch (White fur) (Variant)"


When a figure is distributed specifically for a particular channel and is unavailable at other general outlets, it is considered an exclusive. Sometimes this is marked on the packaging and sometimes it is not. Please append what makes this figure an exclusive in parentheses in the name. The figure "Battle Armor He-Man - Most Powerful Man in the Universe ( Exclusive)" is an example of this rule.


In the case when multiple figures are packaged together, please follow the naming guidelines above, but append the name with "Multi-Pack" or "2-pack" in parentheses. Here are two examples. In the first example, the package really only lists the two figures in the package as the name. In this case, the name of the figure is "Beachhead - Dataframe (2-Pack)" In the second case, the packaging has another name for the item. In this case (if there are only a few figures in the pack,) please append the names of the included figures in parentheses. This will help when you are searching for action figures with a particular character. The name of the second item is "I Am Your Father's Day Gift Pack (2-Pack) (Darth Vader - Luke Skywalker) (Wal-Mart Exclusive)"


There are situations where a collectible figure simply did not ever have a "package." There may be other situations, but two that are reasonably common are Build-A-Figures and Mail-Away items. In these situations, please append "Build-A-Figure" or "Mail-Away" in parentheses, as shown in these examples. The first is "Nemesis (Build-A-Figure)" and the second is "Captain Rex (Mail-Away)" 


Most of the time, even international figures use English names. In the event that English is not used, please append the English translation in parenthesis. In this example, the non-English translation is in parentheses. "Darth Vader (Dark Vador)" is the name of this figure.


Here are just some common issues/reminders:

  • Spider-Man is hyphenated and both “Spider” and “Man” are capitalized
  • Batman is one word
  • X-Men is hyphenated
  • Han Solo does not have an "s" in his first name. Han Solo...not Hans Solo.
  • The color gray is typically spelled with an “a”; however, Grey Hulk, Gandalf the Grey, and Jean Grey are all spelled with an “e”. There are a few cases where “Gray Hulk” is used on the package (both are acceptable and used interchangeably for Hulk although “Grey Hulk” is the more common iteration)