The DASH Action Figures Price Guide

Remember this moment. It's the day you discovered the most amazing and spectacular and fantastic action figure price guide the world has ever known! Your life as a collector will never be the same. 

Okay, I'm curious, give me the basics. 

It all starts with the DASH Action Figures Catalog, a giant database of photos and product details for more than 65,000 action figures. Our price guide is built right into that catalog so that you can view values for any figure at any time, as long as you have the internet and know how to read!

Today the price guide features 245,321 values across 53,200 figures! Over 35,000 new values have been added in 2016!

Wow, that's pretty big! So how does it work? 

First off, "that's what she said." As for how it works, we like to think it works pretty well! Just navigate to, or search for a figure in the DASH Action Figures Catalog. Then click the "Values" dropdown button, and you'll be given a summary of packaged and loose value ranges, along with a nifty chart that tracks values over time!

Here are a couple samples we pulled straight from the guide:

Pretty cool, huh? Remember that more than 50,000 individual figures in the price guide have values similar to these!

Yeah but where do the prices come from?

DASH Action Figures has been around for a very long time, and through the years we've put together a small team of experts to help us build the best price guide on the interwebs. Our team monitors general pricing trends in their areas of expertise. We also track real sales data on both DASH and other online marketplaces.

We take all this data and build detailed values charts like the examples below. When you hover over a data point, we tell you how the value was obtained.

This particular figure includes values from our team (Expert Est), an auction closing (Auction), and a sold fixed price listing (Fixed). Based on these charts, it's pretty clear that you should sell this figure at a fixed price around $25, because auctions might net you way less!

Why do I need a price guide anyway?

There are actually a few good reasons to have a price guide like ours.

  • Know how much to charge for a figure
  • Don't overpay for figures on the aftermarket
  • Get an overall value of your collection for insurance estimates (our collection reports do this, and come with the price guide)
  • It's fun to see how much figures are worth
  • Because Yoda said so!

If you won't take our word for it, just ask one of the thousands of fellow collectors who have already bought our price guide!

You sold me, where do I sign up?

The price guide is part of our Gold Membership, which also includes collection reports and free selling for collectors, all for $20 per year. So see the big red button below? Yeah that huge one, it's red, it says "Get the Price Guide". Now you just click that button!

And don't worry, if the unimaginable happens and every action figure in the world spontaneously combusts, we provide no-questions-asked refunds within 30 days (as long as we haven't taken our own lives in despair)! 


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